Krystallmiks i gavepose medium

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kr 200,-

Krystallmiks i gavepose medium.

20 forskjellige krystaller (kan være noen av samme sort).
Disse er 2-3cm.
Kommer i koselig gavepose.

  1. elenapadovan (bekreftet eier)

    I received a total of 24 crystals, weighing approximately 280 grams. Among them were 5 pieces of red jasper, 2 of tiger’s eye, several sodalites, assorted aventurine in different colors, various quartz, and a few pieces of agate. Overall, these are fairly common stones, but they’re of good quality and decent size, making them ideal for beginners starting their crystal collection. The only downside is that a couple of crystals were chipped, but they included more crystals than expected, so I’m still satisfied.

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